He is not the man of my dreams

He is not the man of my dreams. He is my husband.

He is certainly not my prince and  I am not his princess.

He never swept me off my feet. He always sits on the couch and drinks beer.

He is not handsome and charming. He is annoying and angry.

He does not love me. He tolerates me.

He does not make love to me tenderly and hold me all night long. He fucks me and goes to sleep.

He does not care if I am sad or if he is the cause of my sadness.

No he is certainly not the man of my dreams for I don’t dream anymore.


Walking on air

She said that she dreamt of walking on air

She was young again and she conquered many worlds

She was so happy that she exploded like a supernova

But there is no galaxy in her throat now

For her smile is faded

Her cheeks are wet

Her skin is wrinkled

Her hair so white

All the stars have left her eyes

The princess and the toad

Once upon a time a prince who was actually a toad in disguised asked a beautiful princess to marry him and the princess said “Fuck no!” and she went on to live happily ever after. She traveled and met interesting people and cute guys and no one cared that she was a slut. She always put herself first and she went out whenever she wanted and she never had to cook or clean pee off her toilet seat. She had tons of shoes and clothes and made lots of money. All her friends and family thought she was cool and she never got cheated on. Ever.